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Unique Kickstand Pads - Very Limited Stock

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This listing will be up for only one week. If you want to buy one, do it now. You won't be able to find this listing after the 11th. Thanks.

A kickstand pad is something you want to keep handy when you have to park your bike on soft ground or hot pavement. There is nothing worse than coming back to where you parked your bike and seeing it laying on its side because the kickstand sunk into the ground. If you've never been there, that's great, but trust that you don't want to be either. 

These little pieces of 12ga stainless steel will help distribute the weight of your bike through over the area of the pad to create a wider footprint and prevent the stand from sinking into the soft surface you've parked it on. 

Whether your bike is a show piece or a dirty, daily ride. Seeing it laying on its side it heart-wrenching. These pads are very handy and will fit in your saddlebag, tank bib pocket or in your tool kit. 

There are very limited quantities of each one (maximum of 2 in stock, some have only one in stock). If you have an interest in any of the designs and would like to place a custom order, please get in touch

* These styles are best suited to cruisers and tourers with a longer foot on the kickstand.

All of these designs were tested with a 900 lb bike parked in grass, gravel, sand, and asphalt for at least 6 hours either on a long, very hot day or over night. The bike was always standing when I arrived back to it.

* The Willy shown here and offered for sale is used. It was a test piece. It will have scratches, but none of these will remain pristine after the first use. The Willy will have free shipping for its pre-applied scratches.