Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe...

Choosing the size of your poker chip really shouldn't be done blindly. It affects your design options. It affects your budget. It also limits your potential collectibility, if that is of interest to you. If you've come here, you have an interest in these tokens. What is the motivator for considering these tokens? The answer to this question could have a powerful influence on the size or shape of the chip you use. talk to us about it and we can make sure you start off on the right path.

The most commonly requested chip size, and the most commonly found in casinos, is the 39mm Round chip. This is a standard size of poker chip in gaming. We offer this and many other sizes, shapes and styles. We do not list every option on our Products Page because it tends to confuse people.

On our Products Page we offer the 3 most commonly requested sizes/shapes:
39mm Round (1.5358 inches)
43mm Round (1.6932 inches)
• 44mm Octagonal (1.7126 inches)
All of these chips have a thickness of roughly 3.4mm (0.129 inches).

Here you can see the scale difference between these three sizes:

As mentioned above, we have access to many different sizes and styles. If you will give us an idea of the scope of your project, we can help you find the perfect product to fit your needs. It may not even be listed/shown in our advertised products. Most clients choose their pub token size based on budget alone. That is entirely understandable. Especially so, if you have no plan to increase the collectibility of your coins. But you should have plans for this for many reasons.

When choosing a chip, you have to have an idea for how it will be used. Obviously you will use your regular pub tokens on a daily basis all year long. Let's say there is a holiday or event coming up that your town likes to celebrate heartily. It would be wise to have a specially designed chip for that occasion. This little extra effort adds interest in your bar and brings in new customers just to see one or to take it home with them.

Let's say you choose to add a seasonal or one-time event design to your pub token stash, you may want that token to be a different size, style or shape. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is to ensure that it does not get mixed in with your regular tokens. You can easily see how each of these chips above would stand out in a stack of any of the others. Another is simply to stand out and represent the special event/occasion. Your regulars will notice any deviation from the norm. This makes the seasonal chip more interesting or special. Making it more special also increases its likelihood of going home to be added to a collection. The more reason you give your regulars to start a collection of your pub coins, the better it is for your business. Check our blogs for a lot more info on this.

In short, be mindful of your intent for the chip when choosing the size or shape. It may not seem important right now, but may become more so when you look at your big picture. We will help you in every way possible with this if you can share your plan with us. If you don't have a plan, we can certainly help you build a solid one.

We just want to help you be a better bar. These little things do a lot in that regard.