Custom Order Pricing

This list will show our current pricing for available products and options for all Custom Orders. Please get in touch with us for any custom work. 

Pub Tokens / Poker Chips (Smooth Face, Non-Aligned):
• 39mm Round (100-499 chips*) = $1 per chip
• 43mm Round (100-499 chips*) = $1.10 per chip
• 43mm Octagonal (100-499 chips*) = $1.20 per chip
* There are discounts for orders of 500 or more chips.

Design Fee = $50

Available Upgrades:
• Textured Faces = $.05 per chip
• Aligned Edges = $0.10 per chip


Upgrade Options Explained:
Textured Faces - Textured Faces offer a slightly textured surface on the faces of the chip to allow for more secure handling of the chip. This does not typically affect shuffling of the chips. Beyond handling, some believe it helps with stacking the chips (keeping taller stacks from toppling as easily). Textured Faces is purely a personal preference for most. We make no claims that it is better or worse than the Smooth-Faced chips. One thing to note about the Textured Faces is that the graphics will become slightly less crisp than when printed on Smooth-Faced chips. This is why we choose to offer the smooth face as our default. All orders will feature Smooth Faces if not specified. Textured Faces are not available on the 43mm Octagonal chips.

Aligned Edges - Aligned edges is a featured upgrade that aligned the artwork on the faces of the chip with the artwork on the side (the rolling edge). This feature is one of the most desirable upgrades. Creating aligned edges is labor intensive process because each chip must be individually aligned twice. Not all designs will benefit from Aligned Edges and should not be considered as an option if your design does not require it. The photos below will show the difference between aligned and non-aligned edges.