Store Policies

Our store is new, but our business isn't. We've been doing this work for over 13 years through word-of-mouth referrals. This is our first online store offering to the general public. Eventually all of our poker chip products will offer a sample set of that design for immediate fulfillment (shipping within 1-2 days). We are building this stock right now, but any orders for these today may have a 2-3 week wait for delivery. We apologize for this and count on your understanding that we are transitioning from a made-to-order business to an immediate-fulfillment business. We truly appreciate your patience and support.


Expected turnaround time:
Bar Tender specializes in custom-made products. Please understand that a custom, or customized product like this cannot be produced overnight. Expect a normal turnaround time of about 2-3 weeks after artwork approval and payment for any non-stock orders. It is typically closer to two weeks for delivery, but we like to err on the safe side and say three weeks because we have little control over the production schedule. A large, multi-denominational casino order will certainly weigh heavier than an order for 100 chips in regard to where they will fall in the production schedule. Sometimes we get lucky and sometime we don't. We do keep you updated about any change in the process (artwork receipt, set-up, production and shipping). We pass along everything we can to keep you as informed as possible about your order.

Available products:
We currently list only the most popular chip options (39mm Round, 43mm Round and 44mm Octagonal), but there are many others. Just because you don’t see it here, doesn’t mean we do not offer it. Just ask about it. We do not list every available product simply because it tends to confuse customers. It is best to get in touch with your ideas for a custom project and we can recommend the best product for it, whether that product is currently listed on our site or not. Although we've been doing this professionally for over a decade through word-of-mouth referrals, this store is new. The product list is still growing. If we start to field more calls for the atypical coins, we will start to list them, but for now we will list only the most popular options.

Full Custom work:
Almost all of our work is completely custom-made and requires a conversation before purchase. Purchasing a product before you know what is possible for that product leads to potential refunds, cancellations and placing the order again for the correct product. This is what we try to avoid by asking that you get in touch with us before purchasing anything in the store that is completely custom. If you see a product that has a blank canvas in the product shot, that should be a cue to get in touch before ordering, unless you have done business with us before and know what you are purchasing.

Artwork submissions:
If you have artwork you would like us to use in the design, please:
Make sure you are legally allowed to use this artwork. We will not be held liable for copyright infringement lawsuits.
• Supply it in vector format if possible (.ai, .cdr, etc. Some PDF and EPS files will work too). If we have to redraw your artwork we may have to charge a fee for that if the work is extensive.
• Understand that photos tend to lose a lot of detail at smaller sizes.
• Understand that any artwork you submit will still have to be set up correctly for this specialized printing. There will likely be no discount for submitting pre-designed artwork unless it is evaluated to warrant it.

Semi-Custom Work:
We offer a few semi-custom designs that have a lower artwork fee worked into the initial price. This is because most of the work on these chips will be text edits and minor adjustments of the artwork. The semi-custom designs offered allow for edits to the specific areas shown on the product images and listed in the description. If you would like to change anything else, it becomes a custom design and would have to be priced accordingly.

Artwork Approval:
Once artwork is approved by the client, it gets sent over to the manufacturer for production. No more edits can be made at this point. We will not be held responsible for any typos, misspellings, wrong phone numbers/addresses or any supplied text/copy once it is approved. It is the responsibility of the customer to proofread and check these details for accuracy. Once the artwork is approved by the client, it will print exactly that way. Please proofread the drafts we send over carefully. If there are other people involved in the project, please let everyone look it over before it is approved to print.

Care of the Chips:
You will not have to do much in taking care of these chips. They are very durable and are meant to be handled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for 7-10 years before they need to be replaced. They may get dirty or sticky, but can be cleaned easily with a hot, soapy, water bath. They are very durable, but can be broken. It has been reported that a chip broke in pieces when it hit a ceramic tile floor just right, but this is very rare (a single report of this in more than ten years).

Returns and Refunds:
If it is discovered that the printed artwork does not match the approved artwork, the product can be returned for refund. The product must be returned in full quantity. Any quantity that is missing will be deducted from the refund. Returns will be accepted for wrong/misplaced/missing/omitted graphics or text, typos/misspellings that differ from the approved artwork and other obvious mistakes. Returns will not be accepted for reasons such as "I don't like this." "This is not what I expected." "This color seems a little off." or other ambiguous reasons. Also, know that freshly delivered, or unhandled coins will have a 'matte' finish on the faces and the colors will seem slightly lighter at first. After minimal handling, the faces of the chip will gain more of a 'satin gloss' finish and the colors will darken. This is normal and will not be an acceptable reason for return. Your refund will be provided after the chips are received by Bar Tender.