About Bar Tender Pub Coins

Our store is new, but our business isn't. We've been doing this work for over 13 years through word-of-mouth referrals. This is our first online store offering to the general public. Eventually all of our poker chip products will offer a sample set of that design for immediate fulfillment (shipping within 1-2 days). We are building this stock right now, but any orders for these today may have a 2-3 week wait for delivery. We apologize for this and count on your understanding that we are transitioning from a made-to-order business to an immediate-fulfillment business. We truly appreciate your patience and support.


Thank you for visiting Bar Tender pub tokens. You have found the best place to purchase custom pub tokens, poker chips, business card chips, trophy coins or anything you would like to have made into a professional poker chip. We offer many options in high-quality poker chips with unique, professional design and a marketing strategy to help you get the most from your investment.

We have been deigning authentic, professional poker chips for non-casino use for over 13 years. In the past we have done all of our business through word-of-mouth referrals. This is our first attempt to open a store to reach a wider audience. All of our orders in the past have been made to order and the production time was understood. Today's consumer is used to immediate satisfaction and shipping and we will strive to provide this on all non-custom orders very soon. Currently, though, we do not have a lot of our products in stock, but we are working on this diligently. We will eventually be offering sample sets of each design listed for purchase and immediate shipping of these items (within 1-2 days), but for now we are just not stocked. This will change and this text will be removed at that time. Please understand that our store is new and allow us some time to build it. Once we are stocked we will have a lot more to offer than just custom poker chips, but for now, it is our bread and butter.

The general public may not have as much familiarity with authentic poker chips as the collectors of them do. But collectors, in our opinion, are typically interested in the tired, overdone classic style of poker chip design - solid colors, 6 edge spots, tiny bit of artwork in the middle. Ugh! We don't do that here. Every chip is designed completely from a blank white page as a piece of art. We want every chip to be as unique as its intended use. We prefer non-traditional, unconventional and more interesting designs. This isn't very popular with poker chip snobs, but the fringe poker chip enthusiasts have always given our designs high marks and love. Our pub token customers have overwhelmed us with their praise of our work and they have been our primary customers over these past 13 years.

We decided to open a store and start sharing with the general public what can be done with poker chips. Just because it is a poker chip, doesn't mean it has to be a poker chip at all. It can be designed for anything you're interested in - business cards, game coins, gift certificates, challenge coins, event keepsakes, or whatever comes to mind. Be different. We love different. 'Different' builds interest and sets you apart from everybody else. Little things like these chips are all it takes to spark interest from others.

Our product is an actual casino poker chip. We use the same manufacturers that supply casinos worldwide. They just print our artwork and drop the security measures. They are the real thing and they will represent and promote your business for decades. These chips are engineered to be incredibly durable. They typically last a decade or more in casinos – being handled 24/7/365. They will not be handled nearly this often in your establishment and will likely last the lifetime of your business.

Competitor tokens are created from templates. Some simply personalize stock designs and charge a premium price for this. Most of these are boring, standard, unattractive options that are easy for the vendor to customize. This helps them make a better profit from minimal work, but it doesn't really help you. Remember, you have to put your business name on it and accept how it represents you. We are offering you a creative, custom set of bar tokens with almost infinite design possibilities, specifically tailored to your business. Which would you rather have representing you?

Bar Tender pub tokens are unique, professional and creative. Your custom design will not resemble ones sold to any other business (unless you request it and the other business owner agrees to a derivative design). It is yours alone. It is not from a template. It is created from scratch – for you. It will only ever be related to your establishment and the design will not be made available to anyone else without your approval.

We have created pub tokens for countless customers all over the world. We create professional pub coins that make you proud to have your business name on them. Many pub owners actually use their coins as business cards, and with the right information on them, why wouldn't you? It promotes your business and offers a free drink to bring those people in.

More than 90% of our business has come from completely custom orders. This is the work we love to do. It's a unique challenge each time. There are some limitations, but none that we can't find a solution for. We do have some 'stock' designs and some that allow for simple text edits, but our favorites are the full-on custom designs. The stock designs are offered only as a quick, economical solution, but they lack the personality and security of a completely custom design.

Almost anything you can imagine is something we can work with. If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, talk to us and tell us about your business or your event or whatever reason you've considered creating a token. We have imagination to spare and confidence that we will create a design that you will be proud of. If you are local to Pittsburgh, PA, then I am happy to discuss your project face-to-face, wherever you'd like. Just get in touch.

Don't forget to email us before you make a purchase. The more we know up front, the easier the process is for all of us and the faster we can turn it around for you.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the store. 

Also, please consider the veterans of our US Armed Forces when shopping. There is no better way to thank a vet than to help their business. Click the banner below to check out the VOB directory for products and services. 

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