Coin Collecting

In a previous blog, titled Perpetual Promotion, we mentioned that some folks like to collect these pub tokens. We'll talk about the benefits and nurturing of that here.

Some folks are collectors for collection's sake, some folks collect poker chips and some folks only collect things that are interesting to them. You can engage all of these types with an interesting pub token from Bar Tender. Our coins are 100% genuine, casino poker chips. Let us design an interesting chip for your bar that people will want to collect.

Once you have introduced this new chip, you can guarantee quite a few of them will go home with the patrons due solely to the novelty of your new chip. Over time, other people will begin to take them home for varying reasons. There are many ways to make your chips more collectible.

• The first step is simply creating an engaging design. Bar Tender has well over a decade of experience in poker chip design to aid you there.
• Once you have a design worked out, consider creating variant colors of the design. Each variant could present a different offer (draft, bottle, shot, cocktail, etc.), or it could simply present the same offer in a different color. This set of variants is what entices a collector mentality to start taking them home.
• If you are considering variants, try introducing them at different times - instead of all at once. This allows some of the regulars to already have one or two of them at home that weren't meant to be collected, but redeemed at a later date. Introduce a new variant and now the non-collector thinks "I've already got one at home. Maybe I need one of each now to start a set." That's where it begins. Now each variant rolled out becomes instantly collectible to a larger group of people.
• Now that you have a few folks collecting them, it's time to introduce a seasonal or one-time run of them. Patrons could one day say "I've got a Halloween Party chip for every year except 20XX."
• If you do want to introduce all of your variants at once, you can display the entire set in a custom 'collection rack' behind the bar. Find a local vendor in the area to make a few of the racks. Then offer the entire display set for purchase as a gift of a round of drinks. It may just be purchased as a gift, but it introduces the idea that they could be collected and displayed.

There are a lot of reasons why people would collect these tokens. Making them desirable as a collectible only helps in this regard.

If people are collecting them, they are likely showing them to friends and family. They may be displaying them, or maybe they are just laying on someone's dresser. Regardless of why they left your bar, they left your bar and people outside of your bar are seeing them. This self-promotion will help bring in new business. It will also become a small revenue stream, but that is a subject for another blog.

Bar Tender is your ultimate source for remarkable pub tokens. We have over a decade of experience in creating these tokens. We can help you make collectors of your clientele.

Get in touch so that we can start your regular patrons on their journey into coin collection.