Custom Poker Chips – Things to Consider.

So you want to 'up the ante' in your weekly poker game? A custom set of poker chips for your new table will certainly do the trick. So, you'll just go to a website, click the set you like, drop a few bucks on it and all is well, right? Maybe, but most likely not.

There are a lot of options available to you for immediate purchase, but all of these have their faults. For instance, 99% of these "authentic, clay poker chips" are 100% not even close. They will be a hard plastic with a fancy sticker applied to the center. That's it. You can prove it if you'd like. Just bend them (because it has a metal slug in the center of it for weight) until the plastic cracks and that fancy sticker peels away. They are junk.

You know what else? Anyone can buy the same set as you. There's no harm in that, right? Nope. Not at all. Until one day you notice that your poker chips have grown in quantity (especially in the higher denominations). How could this be? Well, one of your 'poker buddies' is more interested in taking all of your money than in playing a friendly game of poker. So, this person buys the same set and then sneaks a few of his own $100 chips into his stack when nobody is looking. 

At least they come in a set that you can use for your specific games, right. Oooh, so close, but again, not always true. A lot of these sets will have different quantities of each denomination in their sets when compared to another of the same sets. Maybe you play a T100 Hold 'Em tourney every week. You will need more of the low denominations than the high ones. If you cannot choose the exact quantity of your chips when you order a set, you may have to buy more chips in the denominations you need to play your favorite games. 

Easy and cheap is not always the way to go (sometimes maybe, but not always).

When considering a set of poker chips, you have to ask yourself quite a few questions. Some of them will not be easy questions to answer. I'm going to help you out a little bit here. 

• Do I care? Be honest. If you don't care, then cheap and easy is the way.
• Do I trust the people in my games? This would have to include the friends of friends who get invited sometimes. Cheaters love new faces.
• Do I enjoy using different colors, or even different designs, for the same denomination in a game because I didn't have enough chips?

If you care about quality and authenticity; If you care about security and keeping your friends safe from cheaters; If you would like to have ample chips of your preferred denominations, then a custom set of truly casino-quality chips is what you should be considering. Once you've decided to go with a custom set, you're done talking to yourself about what you need, right? Nope. More questions to ask. Sorry.

To get the best use from your set, you really just need to know what your favorite games are, what you play most often and what you are most likely to play in the future. Before placing an oder with anyone you should know these details so the designer doesn't have to ask:
• What denominations do you typically use?
• What quantities of each denomination do you need?
• What is your preferred color scheme? Traditional or Non?
• Do you want denominational or non-denominational chips?
• Is there any chance that you may expand this set in the future?
• What style are you looking for? Traditional, Contemporary, Outside-of-the-box?
• Is there to be text or logos used in the artwork? Do you have permission to use them?

From here, the designer can get a good indication of how you plan to use your chips. They will be able to dial in their questioning and offer suggestions to help make your project move along much more smoothly. 

If you find that you are in the market for a true casino-quality poker chip, then Bar Tender is a great place to go. These chips are printed by the same manufacturers and on the same blanks that are used in casinos all around the world. The only difference is the artwork (well, that and serial numbering and security features are not applied). They are as real and authentic as you can get and they are not mass-produced junk that anyone can buy. Visit Bar Tender once you've answered the questions mentioned above and (sigh) we will probably throw a few more at you. You will be very happy in the end though. You get out what you put in. The more information you have at the start of the project, the easier the entire process and the better the product.

Contact Bar Tender Pub Coins for your custom poker chip needs. We've been doing this for more than 13 years and have customers all over the world.