...In with the new.

Some bars never change, and it works for them. They may not think they need awesome pub tokens. "If it ain't broke', don't fix it."

We respect that and we aren't out to push our product on anyone. We want people to find us the same way we want people to find your bar – word-of-mouth. It's the best salesman anyone could have, but if people aren't talking about your bar or if you haven't seen a new face in years, it's broke'. We can help you fix it.

Sometimes, all it takes to generate interest is the novelty of something new, like a professional pub token. Novelties wear off, sure, but during the boom of that novelty, you make new money from new faces. New faces may turn into regular patrons that never would have found your bar if not for the word-of-mouth advertising generated by a simple pub coin.

Sometimes bars do change. Maybe it's new management. Maybe it's a re-branding. Maybe it was a really good year. Maybe it was an awful year and you need to remodel because of a fire. It could be anything, but when it's time for a change, it's time for Bar Tender. Adding a custom set of professional pub tokens to your plan is probably one of the easiest and budget-friendly things you can do to help promote the new you.

All of your regulars will certainly notice the things you've done with the bar renovation. "Oh, these new chairs are nice." "I love the new lighting." "The new dining area is great." These are the comments you can expect to hear and these are the things your regulars will expect from your renovation. Drop a free drink on them with your new pub tokens and all of a sudden it's "Wow!" "What's this?" "This is so cool!" because it shows that the smallest details matter to you. It shows that you wanted to upgrade the entire experience, not just the box around the same, old one. It is also a gift for them to use or to take home (and you want them to take them home).

A renovation will bring the regulars back for certain. They will talk to their friends about it and hopefully that will bring in some new business, but the reality is that a renovation doesn't thrill most folks. It's common and expected. If you can build excitement about the experience after the new renovation, then you have baited the hook. Maybe that pub token you doffered went home with your regular customer as a keepsake of your re-opening. Maybe this person shows it to someone else who has never been to your bar and it leaves an impression. More hooks are in the water now. Maybe the regular patron gifts this pub token to the other, knowing that they can get another one next time. Now you've got two hooks set and one of them is new money.

The key to longevity in your business is new faces because the regulars will eventually stop coming, and that's just life. You need to bring in the new before the old goes out. Little things like Bar Tender pub tokens are really all it takes to spark interest. Many folks find these pub coins just plain cool. What makes them cool, whether they are aware of it or not, is the fact that it is a tiny detail of your business that was focused on professionally instead of being ignored like it is at every other bar. That alone plants a little seed in someone's brain that this bar is better than the others and that is what turns new money into regular money.

There are things you can do if you feel the novelty of your renovation or pub token is waning, but that is a subject for another blog.