Perpetual Promotion

Many businesses struggle with word-of-mouth marketing. Bar Tender adds longevity to your marketing campaign in stealth mode.

First, a word about poker chips. Casinos don't want to replace their poker chips every year when they become worn. For this reason, they require a very durable material that will endure constant handling without degrading the graphics. Poker chips in the casinos are handled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and typically last 10 or more years before replacements are needed.

The poker chips from Bar Tender are the same chips. They are 100% genuine, casino poker chips from the same manufacturers. The only difference is the security measures (serial numbering and special marking) required by the casinos. The artwork is applied in the exact same way, regardless of whether it is for a casino or a private party. The security measures are required by the casinos. Most small businesses will not have a need for this, but it is available if you have concerns (have your checkbook balanced before you entertain this idea).

Considering the durability of these chips under constant handling in casinos, you can imagine how long they will last in the limited abuse they will see in your business. What this means is that they are constantly, clearly promoting your business for years to come. All done simply when a round of drinks is ordered.

People love these chips. They are not simply sat on the table and gathered in a small pile, waiting to be returned for a refill. They are examined and studied. People spend time with them. They fidget with them. They actually read the text and admire the artwork. This is the kind of small thing that patrons will mention to friends of theirs. This is the little thing that gets a conversation going about your business - outside of your business.

And it is all accomplished by offering a quality pub coin instead of a cheap alternative. Your day-to-day business will not change, but interest in your business will. This small investment pays off over and over again for decades by bringing in new business to see these coins. In many cases, people collect them, but that is a subject for another blog - one worth reading.

Bar Tender is the ultimate source for remarkable pub tokens. More than 90% of our work is custom made to the client's request. We have some 'stock' designs that allow for simple text edits, but our favorites are the full-on custom designs.

Get in touch so that we can start your regular patrons talking to your future patrons.