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Motorcycle Charity Event Tokens - Semi-Custom - 39mm

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A lot of folks are unaware of the fact that Motorcyclists are one of the biggest charitable groups on the planet collectively. Almost every single time you see a long line of bikers riding in a procession, they are riding to raise money for something. Every rider and passenger typically donates an entry fee and they all ride together to help raise awareness and money for that specific charity. They don't do this only once a year. Charity rides happen almost weekly. These folks raise a lot of money for charities and are among some of the best people you will ever meet. Please remember this and don't let TV shows, movies or the media make you believe otherwise. Only 1% of the biker community worldwide is out to cause trouble. The rest of them are riding in large groups to recognize and help others. We thank and respect all of these wonderful people.

One of the most common kinds of charity rides is called a Poker Run. Most of the time, these poker runs start and end at a Harley-Davidson dealership. This coin is a semi-custom design for the H-D dealerships that host a lot of Poker Runs. the text on the outer ring is customizable to display your location or store name and the charity, if desired. Other info can be used in its place to allow for usage in many different charity events.

We offer two options below. One is a general charity run chip and one is specifically for Cancer Runs. For the Caner Run chips, we will need the promotional graphics used on your flyers to keep things consistent and a relatively high-quality image of your H-D dealership. You will be able to email these things to us. Just get in touch before you purchase and we will help you.

This is a genuine casino poker chip. It is not junk plastic like most of the ones currently in use for this purpose. These chips are from the same manufacturers that supply casinos, but with different artwork printed and the security measures dropped. This authentic casino coin will last a lifetime, even with semi-regular handling. To test its durability, I once carried one of these coins in my pocket for over two years with my keys, coins and everything else in there. It showed wear, but was still perfectly legible after two full years of this daily abuse.

This token has a 'stock' design, but allows for customization for your event in the outer ring of each face and on the side (the rolling edge). The main design is set and cannot be altered on this product.

If you require a custom design based on this one, please get in touch via email and we can help you create a custom coin for your event.

Normally, we charge a fee for the customization and artwork set-up for semi-custom designs. But for events like these we would like to donate our time and effort and charge only the cost to produce the chips.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in the lower 48 of the US.


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