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Custom Gift Tokens - 39mm

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This listing for a completely custom set of professional gift certificate coins.

A paper gift certificate may seem 'tired' or boring, but you still want to offer something to bring folks in. Don't change the offer, just change how it's presented. These poker chips can display almost anything you can imagine. We've done gift certificates for bakeries, coffee houses, restaurants, bowling alleys and more. A lot of people use their gift certificates as business cards too. Just make sure the pertinent information is on there and you have a unique business card with an attractive reason to bring someone to your establishment.

One big benefit of using these poker chips as gift coins is that they are reusable, unlike paper ones. Every time someone returns one, you have it to offer someone else.

This is a genuine casino poker chip. It is not junk plastic like most of the ones currently in use for this purpose. These chips are from the same manufacturers that supply casinos, but with different artwork printed and the security measures dropped. This is an authentic casino coin will last a lifetime, even with semi-regular handling. To test its durability, I once carried one of these coins in my pocket for over two years with my keys, coins and everything else in there. It showed wear, but was still perfectly legible after two full years of this daily abuse.

These coins are definitely a unique way to promote your business. Get in touch and let us help you.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in the lower 48 of the US.