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Custom Trophy Coins - 39mm

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This listing for a completely custom set of poker chip trophy coins (or economical challenge coins).

Does your business offer a food challenge – "Eat this whole meal and it's free!" – or something similar? Do you have the hottest Hot Wings? Does your secret society have an initiation ritual? If your group or business has a challenge that few can conquer, you may want to consider offering these champions something more unique than a t-shirt. Chances are the at the t-shirts will fade and not be worn often, but the trophy coin – the trophy coin is small and easy to carry in a wallet, pocket, purse, backpack, etc. When someone in the area says "I conquered that wing challenge.", someone else can put their coin down on the table and say "I did too. Where's your coin?" No coin – No proof of conquest.

If you make sure your patrons know about the coin, the coin becomes a goal. Let people brag about their trophy coin and it will breed competition. Competition brings more challengers and more business. It also helps promote your business outside the business which will entice the competitive ones to pay a visit when they normally may not have. New faces means new business – new business that may bring more new business. Organize events around these challenge coins. Change the challenge coins every year. There are many ways to make these coins a reason to bring people in – and that is the challenge for most businesses. These coins can help.

This is a genuine casino poker chip. It is not junk plastic like most of the poker chips you see around. These chips are from the same manufacturers that supply casinos, but with your artwork printed on them and the security measures dropped. This is an authentic casino coin that will last a lifetime, even with regular handling. To test its durability, I once carried one of these coins in my pocket for over two years with my keys, coins and everything else in there. It showed wear, but was still perfectly legible after two full years of this daily abuse. Most of your coins will never see this kind of abuse.

Challenge your patrons and offer this coin as a trophy that is easy to carry and taunt their friends with. Win, win!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in the lower 48 of the US.