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Paper-Currency-Style Pub Coins - Semi-Custom - 43mm

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This design is one of the most requested of our custom designs. More often than anything else, we have been asked if we can make a chip that looks like paper money. Over the years we have created custom, paper-currency designs for pub tokens, poker chips and board game sets. We have created a new design for this pub token. We've also put this new design on a 43mm chip instead of the typical 39mm (see photo for reference). We've done this for two reasons. One is for security, to easily distinguish it from any of our previous designs that the unscrupulous may try to pass off in your bar. The other is to allow for more detailed line work to be introduced into the design.

Your bar deserves better than the typical, cheap, plastic, pub tokens. These Pub Coins are the answer.

These tokens are genuine, casino-quality poker chips with your design printed into them instead of a casino's. These are the same chips used in casinos around the world. The only difference is the artwork (and the lack of serial numbering and security measures, but you could pay for those if you'd like). The graphics cannot come off. They are permanently imprinted into the chip material. The only way to remove the graphics is to grind them off.

They are durable and professional. They will represent and promote your business for decades. These chips are engineered to be incredibly durable. They typically last a decade or more in casinos – being handled 24/7/365. They will not be handled nearly this often in your establishment and will likely last the lifetime of your business.

These coins are sold in quantities of 100, 200 and 500.
• 100 offers you a choice of an individual color or your choice of 2.
• 200 chips offers either your choice of 2 colors or a set of all 4 colors.
• 500 offers a set of all 4 colors.

Get in touch before you order to select your colors.

The coins will be customized to have your Bar's Name, Location and the Drink Offer (Draft, Bottle, Beer, Shot, etc.) all included in the price. If you would like to order specially-colored variants, then the color of the chip will be available for edit as well with your purchase. This price is for the initial order to cover the customization and artwork set-up.

Future re-orders of these chips will be $1.10/chip.