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Fight Club Cancer Event Tokens - Semi-Custom - 39mm

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Today, Cancer affects us all. We all know someone who is currently in the fight, won their fight or who has sadly lost their fight with Cancer. Benefit runs and charity events require a lot of work to organize, promote and kick off. Many of the Cancer Runs offer medals to the runners, but often times, the folks who help aren't acknowledged by the public as much as the participants are. These coins were designed to be given to those who donate to your event. Maybe they donate cash. Maybe they donate time and effort. Either way, it is a unique way to thank those people with a special, collectible gift that only they receive. It's not a t-shirt that will fade over time. This coin will last a lifetime.

These tokens can be used in any way you choose. The scenario above is simply a suggestion based on what motivated the design.

This token has a 'stock' design, but allows for customization for your event in the outer ring of each face and on the side (the rolling edge). The main design is set and cannot be altered on this product.

If you require a custom design based on this one, please get in touch via email and we can help you create a custom coin for your event.

Normally, we charge a fee for the customization and artwork set-up for customizable, stock designs. But for events like these we would like to donate our time and effort and charge only the cost to produce the chips.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in the lower 48 of the US.