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25 Discreet Shut-Off Coins - Stock - Generic - 39mm

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Has one of your regulars been 'over-served' and needs to be made aware of it. Nobody likes to be shut off and no bar staff likes a scene. It is difficult to find the best way to be discreet about it. We can help.

You can slide this coin over to let them know that they've had enough for the evening. The free drink on a future visit should help soften the blow. Not always immediately, but these coins, more often than not, are appreciated by the recipient and the clientele. 

From customer accounts in the past, these coins have been known to become trophies, and even collected by some folks. The coin even becomes somewhat legendary in towns with younger patrons. Although being 'black-balled' by the bartender doesn't usually help spread good word, these chips seem to work wonders in doing just that in some places. Any bit of positive promotion for your establishment helps. 

These coins are sold in quantities of 25.

CAUTION! These are generic coins, meaning they are not specific to any establishment. If you order the generic coins, you run a risk of someone else buying a set of these and using them in your establishment, but that is the risk that comes with buying these at the generic price. Here's a tip: Don't tell your patrons (or your competition) where you got them. These can be customized for your bar for an extra cost, but the minimum quantity goes up and there is a small, artwork/set-up charge added. If a tight budget dictates, then this generic design may be a better option for now. If you would like them customized contact us here.

We try to keep these in stock for immediate shipping (1-2 business days). You can also order these when they are out of stock and they will ship as soon as we have new supply. Or if they are out of stock, you may want to consider customizing them for your own business to prevent 'indirect counterfeiting' or bringing the generic chips in from other bars that use them. If you choose the latter option, please get in touch via email before placing an order.