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Sample sets are the most popular sellers, as you can imagine, but we may not have all of these sets ready for immediate fulfillment currently. The Discovery, Borrowed Time and 3rd Street sets are in production and will be shipping out very soon. We will keep all of these samples sets in stock once the product arrives, but as this is our first online store and these designs are new, we currently do not have any of these sets ready for immediate fulfillment. We will keep adding sets to the production queue as we can until all sets are in stock and we can remove this notice. 

We thank you and appreciate your patience.


• The Discovery Set contains seven total chips. It offers one chip at the 43mm Round size and six chips at the 39mm Round size. There are 6 distinctly different designs showing examples of the kind of work possible on a poker chip as well as the different uses for custom printed poker chips. Some chips illustrate the level of detail and complexity possible and others show simple, cleaner designs. Two chips share a design to illustrate the difference between aligned and non-aligned edges.

• The Borrowed Time Set contains one chip each of the 10 denominations available in this non-denominational design. This will help you decide which coins you would like to choose for their intended use.

• The 3rd Street Poker Set contains 1 chip each of the original 6 denominations in this design with aligned edges – one of our optional upgrades on custom orders.

• The VFW Set contains one coin for each of these 5 branches of the US Armed Forces in this semi-custom pub token set. 

• The Currency Set contains 1 chip each of the 4 paper-currency-style pub coins in this design that feature the 43mm Round size – another optional upgrade on custom orders.

• The Irish Toast chip is a single chip sample of one of our stock designs.

These poker chips can be printed for use in many more ways than just to play poker with. If you would like to know what you're buying before you place a large order, purchase one of these sample sets. It will give you an understanding of what can be done on these chips. This doesn't even scratch the surface of what can be done with them though. The only limiting factor is your imagination. We can help you there as well.