Borrowed Time T-shirt

Congrats. You've discovered a hidden spoiler.

It is intended to be a surprise, but you've just pulled back the curtain.

With the purchase of a full set of Borrowed Time poker chips (500 or 1000 chips), you will also receive a free Borrowed Time Collection Agency T-shirt. Sizes are currently limited to L and XL. The size will be chosen at random and packaged with the poker chips, but if you've discovered this page and would like a specific size, even one not listed above, let us know. We will do our very best to get one in your size, if our preferred brand of t-shirt offers that size.

Thank you very much.

Some lucky customers in the future will receive free cards with their order of a full set of Borrowed Time poker chips. These playing cards are still being designed, but will have a Borrowed Time theme and will be made available in the store once they are produced.

Thanks for shopping our store.