Forty Bar

Hi, Rob.

My name is Chuck Brodd. I design poker chips and drink tokens as a side gig. 
I’ve been creating these poker chips and drink tokens for individuals and businesses for over 13 years. I am from the South Hills of Pittsburgh and do business with a few bars in the South Hills. I can bring samples of their chips with me if you’d like to see them. I live in Clairton right now, but I used to live out on West Chestnut St across from the Washington Park, so I am familiar with the Washington area. If you are interested in checking these out, I am happy to ride out your way with some samples. I can answer any questions you may have about them too. 
Important - I need you to know that these are not plastic, junky, replica poker chips with stickers on them. These are authentic, casino poker chips. There are two kinds of poker chips used in casinos - Clay and Ceramic. I choose to use ceramic poker chips in my work over clay chips for many reasons. My two main reasons are because 1.) The available artwork area allows for more creative design. Ceramic chips allow for graphics from edge to edge and even on the side. Clay chips offer a nickel-sized design space which limits the text and artwork. 2.) They are available in much smaller minimum order quantities (MOQ) over clays. Clay chips require a minimum of 10,000 chips per order. That is if the manufacturer is allowing non-casino orders at that time.
These are truly 100% authentic ceramic poker chips. They are produced by the same manufacturers that supply casinos all over the world. The only difference is the artwork (serial numbering and security measures are also not applied).  
I am enclosing some images here to help you visualize what the chips could look like. If you choose to place an order, I can design these however you’d like and the offers can be anything you choose. The attached images are just for illustrative purposes.
These chips have many advantages over the cheap plastic drink tokens, overturned shot glasses, or whatever else you see bars use as drink tokens or markers. These chips:
• are far more professional looking
• are durable (7-10 years between replacements in casinos, where these chips are handled 24/7/365)
• are more secure than the typical options listed above (very difficult to copy)
• are collectible
• promote your business when taken home to be collected
• become a small source of income on their own, when collected (I can lay this out for you in detail).
• it’s a write-off
This isn’t a big company out to get rich on this work. It's just me and it’s something that I've done on the side for years that I have decided to put some effort into promoting recently. You can check out my store and see what other kinds of designs are possible. Typically the chips are $1 each. I charge an artwork fee on the first order, The minimum order quantity is 100. So the first order would be $150 for 100 chips. The $50 artwork fee is one time, on the first order only. If you order 300 chips with the same relative design (as illustrated below) the cost would be $350, not $450. After that, you can re-order the chips at $1 each, with no artwork fees. Because you’re local to me I can hand deliver them to save shipping costs too.
I’m happy to talk to you about them if you are interested. Just get in touch if you are.
Thank you very much.