ProRider Online Training Courses

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If you ride and are interested at all in becoming a better, safer motorcycle rider, I want to recommend a course I've taken – multiple times. It is called ProRider. Taking this course has given me indescribable confidence on my motorcycle. I have control over my motorcycle that, previous to this this course, I would have gained only through Police Motor Unit training. ProRider offers this training to all of us and they have locations all over the country - I take mine at ProRider Pittsburgh, PA. If there is not a ProRider location near you yet, you can find and learn from their online video course. If you would like to train like the pros who ride everyday and compete in motorcycle rodeos and skills competitions, ProRider is the answer. I feel safer now on my bike than I ever have and I owe it all to them. Check them out at this link for some free training.

ProRider has not paid me, or even asked me to promote this for them. I am really just so thankful for the confidence I've gained through their training that I want to help them help everyone become a safer, better rider.

Safe Rides to you all.