The word variant is mentioned often in our product descriptions.

Some of the most often asked questions are "What is a variant?" "Do I have variants or not?" How do I know if I have variants?"

Simply put, a variant is just a different token in circulation within your establishment. If your bar has one coin with a draft beer offer and one with a bottled beer offer, then you have two variants - a draft offer and a bottle offer. If your bar offers a red coin and a blue coin with the same drink offer, you have two variants of the same offer. If your bar uses seasonal drink tokens or special-event drink tokens, these are pub token variants within your establishment. 

If you are placing a reorder for you bar and your bar offers two beer tokens and one seasonal drink token, we will need to know which of these variants you wish to re-order. If you have only one coin for your establishment, then you do not have any variants yet.

It is not in everyone's budget to offer variants initially, but offering variants is the very best way to make your pub coins more collectible. Making them collectible is how you increase profit from them. People collect these coins, especially if your clientele is younger. If you offer only one coin they may save it, but may also bring it back when they are short on funds. If your establishment offers variants of the coin, it makes collecting the whole set more enticing. Once an entire set is collected, it is more difficult for a collector to break up the set just to get a free drink.

You could even offer a collector's set for sale at once in a frame, a case, a display stand or anything that makes them look collectible and worthy of putting out at home where others can see it. This show of pride and patronage will help spread word-of-mouth promotion of your establishment. Other people may decide to start visiting your bar simply to start collecting their own set. 

If you are interested in creating a set of variants for your bar or restaurant, please get in touch about it. Pricing is better for orders of 500 or more. Even if you do not plan to order all of your variants at one time, it is always best to design all of your variants at the same time to avoid conflicting design/color issues later on. You can design them all at one time and order only one variant to print. Next month or year, you can order another variant. Introducing them at different times will generate collector interest and the word will spread quickly.

If you don't have variants, you are not alone, but you are missing out on profit.