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Irish-style Pub Tokens - Stock - Generic - 39mm

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IMPORTANT! No more orders can be taken on this design for delivery by St. Patrick's Day 2018. Orders are still welcome, but will not be deliverable by 17 Mar 2018. 

These pub tokens can be used to offer a free drink or just to build interest in your business. They sport an Irish theme for regular or seasonal use. They are not limited to Irish bars only, but as a regular drink token they work best there. They can also be used as seasonal drink tokens at any bar, for a wildly-celebrated, Irish holiday in March. These are generic chips that any bar owner can purchase. If you worry that these same chips may come into your bar from elsewhere, we can customize them or put this stock design on a different size chip. Contact us before you purchase, if this is your intent.

These tokens typically do very well on St. Patrick's Day. Many of them are purchased and taken home which becomes profitable. The best way to get the most from seasonal tokens is to start using them a couple of weeks before the holiday to generate some word-of-mouth about them. Just half a dozen or so on the weekends to the right people could bring in a lot of new faces just to see or buy the coins. If you are an Irish bar, then you can use these are regular drink tokens, but the best time to introduce them is St. Patrick's Day. Stock tokens are not recommended for use as regular pub tokens, but it is done. We recommend that seasonal tokens should only be honored for a specific time, not to exceed one year.

More designs, blessings and toasts will be added over time. They will be short, sweet and non-specific, so they work well in any establishment. Check back often to see our growing list of variants.

These coins are sold in quantities of 100 and 200.
• 100 coins are for specific toasts only
• 200 coins allows for a choice of either 2 or 4 toasts in a set.

Sample chips of this design are also available for purchase here.

CAUTION! These are generic coins, meaning they are not specific to any establishment. If you order the generic coins, you run a risk of someone else buying a set of these and using them in your establishment, but that is the risk that comes with buying these at the generic price. Here's a tip: Don't tell your patrons (or your competition) where you got them. Or have them customized for your bar for an extra cost. If a tight budget dictates, then this generic design may be a better option for now. If you would like them to be customized, please contact us before you purchase.

We try to keep these in stock for immediate shipping (1-2 business days), but they are not currently immediately available. You can still order these when they are out of stock and they will ship as soon as we have new supply. Or if they are out of stock, you may want to consider customizing them for your own business to prevent 'indirect counterfeiting' or the bringing of these generic chips in from other bars that use them. If you choose the latter option, please get in touch via email before placing an order.