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3rd Street Poker Chips – 39mm

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This listing is for a stock set of our 3rd St poker club design. This design has aligned edges and is denominational. Aligned edges is an upgrade feature that aligns the face artworks with the edge artwork. Denominational means the colors are set to the specific denominations. Those denominations are currently 5, 25, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000. We will develop new denominations to add to this set. If you are interested in this set and it does not yet list the denomination that you'd like, just get in touch. We can make a denomination for you for a nominal design fee.

Each denomination is sold individually in quantities of 25 or 100 to build your own set. This design is also offered in sets of 500 and 1000 chips with predetermined denomination quantities. You can order more of any denomination later to make your 500- or 1000-piece set better fit your specific game or tourney stakes. If you would like to specify your quantity of denominations for a full set of either 500 or 1000, just get in touch and we will do what we can to make it happen.

The name for this design was chosen based on a poker term for the third card in a hand. This is typically where the real betting begins. This set was designed to fit in almost any home game. It uses standard colors for the denominations and a unique edge spot design with aligned edges. Aligning edges is a labor-intensive process because each chip has to be aligned by hand. This means every single chip is precisely handled three times during the manufacturing process. This extra labor adds cost to both custom and stock designs, but the look of these aligned edges is well worth it and why a lot of people are willing to pay for it. To see the difference between aligned and non-aligned edges, there is a sample photo in the images below.

This set, with its simple and clean design, standard denominations, unique edge spots, aligned edges and pleasing color schemes would be a welcome addition to any home game. Buy a set for you or for a friend's new game room. If you are concerned or confused about what quantities of each denomination to put in a gift set, never fear. You can purchase a Gift Card for whatever amount you desire and let the recipient choose what they need for their particular set.

Keep checking back to see new denominations being added. Also, if you have any questions not answered above, just ask.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in the lower 48 of the US.