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Borrowed Time Poker Chips – 39mm

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This listing is for a stock set of our Borrowed Time design. This design has no edge spots and is non-denominational. Non-denominational means the colors are not set to any specific denominations. This allows you to use this set in a nickle & dime game, a low-stakes dealer's choice game, a high-stakes Texas Hold 'Em tourney or any other poker game without having to worry about what denomination is marked on the chip. This also means you can use the chips for various games outside of poker, like roulette, board games, travel chess or anything else you can think of to use them for. Non-denominational sets are very versatile.

Each color/denomination is sold individually in quantities of 25 or 100 to build your own set. They are also offered in sets of 500 and 1000 chips with predetermined denomination quantities. You can order more of any denomination later to make your 500- or 1000-piece set better fit your specific game or stakes. If you would like to specify your quantity of denominations for a full set of either 500 or 1000, just get in touch and we will be happy to set one up for you.

This design is actually a revisit of a previous design of the same name. The previous design had a specific target market. This one was designed to be more versatile and more attractive to a wider audience. The skull is again employed in this design as it was in the previous one, but it is not intimidating at all this time. It has more of an icon/logo style here. It is also not trying to announce itself. It is subtle and sometimes not altogether visible right away. Because Borrowed Time is a reference to our inevitable mortality and a natural occurrence, each of the chips has a natural element - space, sand, grass, marble, wood, etc. These elements were chose because of their colors. We still wanted this set to fit in a regular poker game with the common color schemes for certain denominations.

This set, with its versatile design, open denominations, unique look, clean edges and 10 total colors would be a welcome addition to any home game. Get a set for you or for a friend's new game room. If you are concerned or confused about what quantities of each denomination to put in a gift set, never fear. You can purchase a Gift Card for whatever amount you desire and let the recipient choose what they need for their particular set.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in the lower 48 of the US if there is not enough in stock for your order.